Paula Britton, Ph.D.



“I liked the role plays and making us get out of our comfort zone.”

“I appreciated your style, the quality of the materials, and your transparency.”

“Very practical, real world information.”

“Nice mix of learning activities – lecture, small group – references helpful.”

“I liked that different theoretical perspectives were offered so there is so much possibility.”

“Presenter was well-informed, approachable and personal examples were wonderful.”

“I loved the humble and brilliant style of the presentation. Paula’s style of being able to weave a collegial yet experienced and academic theoretical approach to the development of a supervisee was helpful. I loved the sense of being able to see all the dynamics of therapy and supervision.”

“Dr. Britton is excellent. She knows the topic, has experiences to share and is skilled. Her willingness to share vulnerabilities is an asset. I appreciate her boldness.”

“An engaging speaker.”

“Information is always presented in an informative, no-nonsense, reassuring style that applies to the real world seamlessly. I always leave here feeling like ‘now I know what I’m doing.’ “

“Very helpful!”

“All of it was great. Really appreciate Dr. Britton’s willingness to be genuine and honest and to share her own experiences.”