Paula Britton, Ph.D.

Part 4

Professional Responsibilities and Legal/ Ethical Issues in Supervision

Description of program:

Curriculum includes ethical and legal issues in supervision; regulatory issues including Ohio laws, professional standards, credentialing processes; route of reporting ethical violations, confidentiality and maintaining professionalism, professional boundaries.


Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board --6 hours supervision CEs

Ohio Psychological Association Office of Mandatory Continuing Education--6 hours ethics/cultural competency

State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist Board
Counselors & social workers—6 hours supervision, or 3 hours ethics and 3 hours supervision CEs
MFT—6 CE hours, 3 of which can be counted for ethics

Workshop objectives:

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will:

  1. gain updated knowledge the topic of professional boundaries
  2. understand the implication of this knowledge for supervision
  3. understand the current ethical and legal issues in supervision
  4. explore their own personal boundaries and how they may impact their supervisory work
  5. discuss strategies to deal with potential boundary crossings and ethical violations in their supervisee’s work
  6. Review case examples of ethical dilemmas

Outline of workshop:

8:30 - 10:35 Ethical and Legal Issues in Supervision: Lecture
10:35- 10:45 Break
10:45 – 11:30 Case discussions
11:30 – 12:15 Lunch
12:15 – 1:45 Boundaries and Supervision
1:45 – 2:35 Supervision and Ethics Game
2:35 – 2:45 Break
2:45 – 3:15 Video demonstration and discussion
3:15 – 3:35 How Supervision can help